What to Wear with Your Trench Coat This Winter Season?

What to Wear with Your Trench Coat This Winter Season?

Are you a trench coat person? If you are, other options probably don’t appeal to you. Lovers of this long coat develop such an honest loyalty with it. Also, winter is the perfect season for these over coats due to their ability to stop the cold. However, different trench coats maybe made from different materials.

However, the main question on everyone’s mind is how to look cool in your trench style coat. These coats have their origins way back in the past centuries. Some history books also take them even further back into the years.

Trench Coat of the Old Times During the Great War

Many people believe the trench coat to be invented during the great war. Originally, it was made from gabardine fabric for its waterproof properties. It also looked good for the most part. The purpose in the military it served was that of offering a fully body waterproof layer. Also, it kept the cold out very well for men in arms.

Modern Trench Coat Variants

Where many other part clothing ideas faded, this trench style coat did not. In that old past, this one used to be navy green for the most part. The material was rather one-dimensional and flimsy too. However, the modern era long coats are far from that. You have leather and heavy fabric coats available in all colour choices you can ever want.

What to Wear with Your Trench Coat This Winter?

So, these styles of long coats are usually winter fabrics only. Although, thinner lighter fabrics are also used but summer over coats aren’t usually a thing. You can make yourself look attractive and handsome wearing a trench coat this winter too. Here are some insights into how you can do just that:

Go for That Monochromic Look

Different people prefer different types of styling and colour options. Monochromic look is one of a single colour focused dress code. This type of a look is very different. What you can do is to get a black long coat and match it with some black bottoms as well. Possibly black jeans or cotton pants. This type of a single colour look isn’t one for every day. However, if you have something under the coat, it is good.

Simplicity in Colours

If monochromic look isn’t your thing, go with a dual colour look. Say you have a tan trench coat; you can complement it with a nice black pair of jeans. These types of simple colours make an elegant appeal and are fit for any day of wearing too. Whatever shirt or top you are wearing under the coat, can be completely hidden until you take the coat off. Make the coat that focal point of your outfit.

That Fine Neutral Look

Neutral looks are great for many occasions. However, not for every occasion. Neutral colours like khaki men’s trench coats say a lot when it comes to personality. Best thing with these is that they will become the focal point of your attire too. You can mix any colour of jeans or pants with them too. When done right, neutral looks are very elegant and attractive indeed.

Black and White Only

There is something different about black and white colour combination. You cannot go with a full white trench coat or a full white pair of jeans for most days. However, what you can still do is to get a white round neck shirt with your coat. Also, some formal shirt with collars will look good in white as well as long as the coat is well adjusted.

Suiting Up with a Trench Coat

Who says you cannot suit up with a long over coat. You absolutely can when you have the right type of coat. Businessman look for work outfit is perfectly available with these long body coats. Ones with a nice folded collar are perfectly usable with formal shirts as well. And yes, you can wear a tie on your shirt to complete the formal suited up look too.

Casual Trench Coat with Jeans

Trench coats can be as casual as you want them to be. Make that casual look stick out with a nice pair of contrasting jeans and a round neck shirt under. Experiment with colours of all different elements to complete your look. This will make you perfect for a casual night or evening out with friends this winter season any time.

Completing That Weekend Look

Weekends are great. Long body coats are perfect to keep you warm and cosy in winter. Get a leather trench coat and it will not only look attractive but will also keep you warm. Complete that casual weekend look with a nice pair of sneakers or easy holiday shoes. Take the coat off to feel fresh and hang it when going anywhere indoors.

FAQs About Trench Coat

Q: Is trench coat also a rain coat?

Ans: It can absolutely be a rain coat as well. These are long coats that cover most part of the body. Get them in waterproof materials and you will keep all the rainwater out.

Q: Is leather trench coat a good option for fashion?

Ans: Absolutely yes. Leather trench coats are actually the most popular types for winter season. These are warm and can also keep the water out on most days. Also, leather long coats are perfect for motorcycle rider as well offering great deal of body coverage.

Q: What is the best length for trench coat?

Ans: There are different lengths of these long body coats available. However, in our opinion, the best length is down to your knees. Of course, your own height and body type will play a vital role as well. So, it is best to take everything in account while ordering your fancy long coat.

Q: Is trench coat trendy today?

Ans: O yes. These styles of coats have been and still are very trendy. You see these in movies used by mega stars all the time. Also, these are popular in all cultures and social environments as well.


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