Most Famous Leather Jacket Styles Every Man Should Know Before Buying

Most Famous Leather Jacket Styles Every Man Should Know Before Buying

Leather jackets are fashionable, warm and very stylish when done right. Although leather apparel is not based around one sex of people, men usually pay more attention to it than women. We at Vintage Leather offer both men and women with some of the very best leather jackets. However, this article is more towards leather jackets styles for men. Genuine premium leather can make a man look stylish and authoritative. There are different types of jackets available for different style preferences.

Leather jackets have been around for a very long time now. Yet, their stylish finishes almost always win the hearts of millions in Briton every year. Also, leather jackets for men are perfectly suited for the cold weather of the country. These have seen a lot of different variations in design and style. Some are liked more than others. From motorcycle leather jackets to aviation right from the World War 1 era, leather jackets have seen glory days like no other. Here are some most famous leather jacket styles to know:

Biker Leather Jackets

This kind of apparel might not have started for motorcycle or bike day waring. It has yet become one of the most famous motorcycle apparel items. Mens Motorcycle Leather Jackets do more than make people look good. When done right, leather motorcycle jackets can keep riders safe and warm.

Also called the bad boy of outdoor world, the biker leather jacket is a must have accessory for riders. The most loved colours for the biker jacket are black and brown. However, some biker jackets do come in sport themes with varied designs. It will be warm and very protective for the body.

The best biker jackets either have protective padding in essential positions or come with removal padding. The ones with removable padding with have deeper cut outs where the padding would be placed. That padding can be metallic, plastic or carbon-fibred based. Its purpose is to protect the body.

Motorcycle leather jackets usually fit the body snug. They keep riders warm on windy cold days. In case of falls or accidents, the padding would keep the protected body parts safe as well. If you ask us, every biker should invest in these leather jacket styles for safety, warmth and their awesome looks.

Bomber Jacket or Aviation Leather Jacket

Originally developed by the British Air Force for their aviation crew, the Bomber Jacket had a specific purpose. Pilots of fighter planes used to wear these while in-flight. As temperatures dropped to below freezing high in the air, these needed to be as warm as possible. And for the most part, they were.

Traditionally, made from very thick leathers that will also have even thicker inner lining, the bomber leather jacket fitted guys snug. However, materials have been reinvented and lightened up for casual wearing. This fashionable men’s jacket is now stylish and loved by many.

The typical style of a bomber leather jacket will not have any extended collars. It comes in every colour leather can be produced in and died. The smart profiles of these leather jacket styles make them the perfect fit for a formal day. These can be worn with fabric pants or jeans stylishly.

The full-length zipper can be zipped up when warmth is needed. It can be opened up to reveal the wearing below. Light and thin jackets are often used by men with some type of sweater inside as well. It is a multipurpose jacket perfect for the high-street or the office day.

The Field Jacket

Keeping yet in men with uniform talk, the field jacket is a military classic. Originally, the field jacket saw the light of day with a cotton drill fabric. As years went along, leather was the chosen material. And o boy, did the leather field jacket looked the part!

A typical leather field jacket will have plenty of deep pockets for storing the military man’s essentials. It would also support a belted waist in case the bottom pockets got heavier. The buttoned design with the large collars can make anyone look attractive.

So many different brands introduced their own take on the ever so present field jacket. In our opinion, these leather jacket styles are not going anywhere any time soon as well. Typically worn with a shirt, these can be used for the coldest of days over any apparel.

The Famous Racer Jacket

Stepping aside from men in uniform for a while, the racer jacket has had quite the influence. Motorsports have always been among some of the most followed around the world. The racer jacket is typically the most compact in size. The streamlined look redefines minimalism for the racing hearts.

The boy racers saw enough protection for the body and adequate styling in these. Typically made from heavy horsehide with a strong main zipper, these have also been called leather jackets of the Café Racer. It is easy to see from this name whey these are called the racer jackets.

Also, the racer leather jacket styles are easier to wear than most other similar materials. If you have broad shoulders, they will show nicely on these rather body fitting jackets. Thicker bigger jackets are more recommended for more slender of our guys.

The Typical Flight Jacket

Originally created for the pilots, both in military and commercial flights industries, the flight jacket is usually the heaviest. It will typically also have enlarged collars with wool padding for warmth. Earlier days in the past century didn’t get heated cabins for the pilots. So, this extra warmth was welcomed.

For the warmth reason, we recommend the flight jacket in winters only. Plain trousers with some t-shirt under them will look plenty. You don’t want any other collars to spoil the look of these fancy large collars at all. And yes, they are available at many different brands.

These typical leather jacket styles are for the most rugged men. Surprisingly, motorcycle riders can sometimes tilt towards the flight jackets as well on the coldest of days. They will surely keep you warm and the thick leather offers optimal protection.

Faux Leather Jackets

Last on our list are the faux leather jackets. These are typically made from materials that mimic the leather look and feel. Essentially, these are not leather materials at all. However, modern fit and finish give them the look of even premium leathers when done right.

People who don’t like to wear animal skin, can get respite in this sort of vegan leather jacket. These typical leather jacket styles are available in all abovementioned designs. Less expensive and not made from animal leathers, these fit the bill for many modern people. However, there will be compromises.


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