Leather Jacket Restoration Tips to Bring That Old One Back to Life

Leather Jacket Restoration Tips to Bring That Old One Back to Life

Is your old leather jacket looking rather dull and has scratches on it? These are reasons enough to put many off from wearing their expensive garment. However, leather jacket restoration is very easy when you know the basics. Many leather garments can be restored back to life and made to last long. These genuine leather jackets are made to last decades when treated right.

When you don’t hang your jacket still wet and also don’t leave it in direct sunlight or under heavy weights, it should not need any restoration. However, usage frequency and nature of use can sometimes dull the color and shine. Scratches may also make it look rather badly aged and rough on the outside. So, here are some restoration tips that should help restore that old packed away jacket:

Restoring Your Dry Faded Leather Jacket

Usually, the biggest problem leather jackets develop over time is color fading. Leather dryness can cause wrinkles on the surface. However, if you have taken good care of it, that leather fabric should age well. Also, not all kinds of wrinkles look good on any leather jacket. Restoring that old dry and faded leather jacket in a few steps is easier than many think. Follow the guide below to do just that:

Lay the Leather Jacket on a Flat Surface

Start by laying out your leather jacket on a flat surface. Usually, tables work best. If not, lay a clean cloth on a flat floor and your jacket on top. Make sure to smooth it out properly leaving no creases in the fabric at all. Smooth out any creases and also the few cracks that may have developed by keeping it folded. Do this with your hands. You may want to place some books on top to remove creases too.

Brush It Fully from the Outside with Soft Brush

Next, get a soft brush. Usually, horsehair brushes are good enough. Start from the front of the jacket and brush all of it fully from every side. Flip it over to get the back side. The brushing will help remove any polish leftovers or any dust particles on the surface.

Use a Clean Damp Lint-Free Cloth to Wipe It Completely

Once brushed, you want to get a clean lint-free cloth. Damp it in lukewarm water. Wipe the jacket completely with the cloth. A microfiber cloth will be the best for the job. Make sure to first drain out excess water from the cloth before wiping the jacket with it. Wipe the front, sides, back and also the arms of the jacket. Wipe of anything that comes off with the cloth. You might need more than one pieces of cloth too.

Colorless Wax Leather Preservative Application

Now that your jacket is nicely cleaned everywhere, it is time to restore that lost color and shine. This is just what you get with colorless leather wax. Neutral color waxes that are made from beeswax and lanolin work great. This kind of wax may also be sometimes called boot wax or leather conditioner. Make sure the one you use is colorless and a good leather preservative. That genuine leather will absorb the preservative restoring its shine and color. It will not look dry and faded anymore. Your leather jacket restoration process will get it looking good again.

First, Try the Leather Preservative on an Inconspicuous Area

The one thing you want to make sure is to not damage your leather jacket at all or fade it even more. To do this, try that leather preservative on an inconspicuous area of it first. Check for slightest color changes. If it does change, your preservative wax has some color or it has some chemical that can alter the color. Use it carefully for that leather jacket restoration.

Baking Soda Treatment for the Inner Lining of Leather Jacket

Often, the inside lining of any leather jacket can develop odors and stains. This can put off many people from wearing it too. What you want to do is to reverse out the jacket fully. Place it again on that flat surface and clean it with a damp clean microfiber cloth. Then, sprinkle some baking soda on the inside lining. Let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Then wipe it all off with a dry cloth. This should refresh the odor and feel of your jacket.

Repeat the Process Every Six Months or Less

Leather jacket restoration is a process that should be repeated frequently. Depending on your weather conditions, wearing frequency and other factors, a period of six months or once very season is good. Repeat the process every six months to keep your leather jacket looking and feeling good as new.

What If Your Old Leather Jacket Has Scratches?

Many leather jackets end up developing light or deeper scratches. Coming into contact with sharp objects or even hard surfaces can give it unwanted scratches. These take away that good as new look of your leather jacket. Also, your leather jacket restoration should make it look good as new before your start wearing it again. Here’s what you can do:

Rub Minor Scratches with Your Finger

Minor scratches that are not too deep can be easily removed. All you need to do is to rub them in with your finger gently. Genuine leather is made from real animal skin. Cowhide leather and sheepskin leather are very easy to maintain. The warmth of your finger and rubbing in motion should remove light minor scratches. Rub them with your finger until you see the scratches go away.

Use Hair Dryer on Deeper Scratches and Rub Softly

Not all scratches are light and minor. Some are deeper as well. For those, an easy fix is to blow them with your hair dryer on low heat setting. However, make sure to blow the dryer on scratched area just for a few seconds. Rub them in with your finger after blowing with low heat setting hair dryer. The heat should prime the leather and rubbing it should smooth out the scratches. Leather jacket restoration this way should make it good to be used for years to come.

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