Leather Jackets and Accessories Every Motorcycle Rider Should Get

Leather Jackets and Accessories Every Motorcycle Rider Should Get

Motorcycle riders love their leather jackets and accessories. Also, the purpose of motorcycle leather jackets is beyond aesthetics as well. These are also used for body protection as well. Additionally, there are many factors about leather accessories that add to the cool factor for motorcycle riders. These will include some fine accessories that will look good for riders.

This cool factor applies to both your motorcycle and yourself as well. Making your ride look attractive is a big preference for riders. Accessories made from leather are available for the job as well. Also, most of these aesthetic accessories add a lot of functionality to your motorbike too. So, here are a few leather treatment ideas for motorcycle ideas to enhance their experiences:

Padded Motorcycle Leather Jacket for Body Protection

First and foremost, it is all about protection while riding. Motorcycles are tricky rides on two wheels. There is not much protection available in shape of any kind of shell on them. All the protection you are going to get will come from what is on your body. This is where motorcycle leather jackets are useful.

Padded motorcycle leather jackets have the required padding in them. They will have padding on the chest area, elbows, shoulders and the back areas too. In case you suffer any drops or falls from the ride, these protected areas will be safe. Removable padding jackets are also available in cool styles.

Motorcycle Leather Tool Bag

Big motorcycles like choppers and cruisers have a lot of storage space. They will have side or back bags to enhance the storage space. Riders also should always have their motorcycle tools on them at all times too. This is where motorcycle tool bags will be very useful in every day commute.

Leather tool bags for motorcycle riders are available in unique styles and finishes. These bags are made from sturdy leather and hard interior shells. Riders can organize their tools storage while making it look cool as well. If you are a leather person and ride motorbikes, leather tool bags can be great.

Large Leather Motorcycle Saddle Bag

Saddle bags for cruiser and chopper motorcycles like many Harley Davidson are great for storage. Also, many riders prefer them because they add a lot of balance to the riding experience. Large leather motorcycle saddle bags maximize storage while giving the ride a cool leather look.

Also, saddle bags made from genuine leather are available in a wide selection of colours as well. Riders can match these with their motorcycle colour or give it a nice contrast. The big Honda cruisers or Harleys look more attractive with a lot more storage with leather saddle bags.

Leather Face Masks for Motorcycle Riders

For the cool factor alone, leather face masks are must have accessories for riders. The best thing about leather face masks is that they make breathing while riding easier too. The fast wind speed makes it difficult to breath when riding at high speeds.

Face masks made from leather materials look very attractive. Matching them in colour with your ride or what you are wearing creates a catchy look. Also, these will offer some kind of protection from chips and debris that come your way while on the bike.

Leather Gloves to Keep the Hands Warm

Weather here in the UK can be very cold many months of the year. Your hands are the contact points you need to be comfortable. Leather gloves for motorcycle riders make a lot of sense for riding in the cold. Also, motorcycle leather gloves are available with knuckle and finger protection as well.

Vintage Leather has a good selection of motorcycle leather gloves available. Available in a wide range of colours, these can be matched perfectly with rest of your attire and motorcycle aesthetic too. Keeping your hands warm and protected, leather motorcycle gloves add a lot of attraction too.

Leather Pants or Chaps for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders love all things leather. This has to do with body protection and also the pure aesthetic of it too. Leather pants are great ways to keep warm and protected while looking cool. Men and women can buy their leather pants here at Vintage Leather in all sizes.

Alternatively, if you like your jeans but want the protection of leather, chaps are available too. Leather chaps are removable layers that you can take off when not riding. Genuine leather chaps and pants add that cool factor with protection for the lower body too.

Fancy Leather Wallets and Backpacks

Riders that love everything in leather, have the opportunity to boost that feeling with wallets and bags. Backpacks are very functional for sports motorcycle riders that don’t have a lot of storage. These can make it easy to carry around everyday use items.

Fancy leather wallets and backpacks enhance that feeling of real leather. These are durable and available in many different colours and designs at Vintage Leather. Wallets and backpacks are also very practical making life for riders much easier.

Leather Shirts for Him and Her

Men and women that ride motorcycles can also get fancy leather shirts. For colder days and nights, riding motorcycles can be chilly. Leather jackets coupled with leather shirts help keep the body temperature maintained. Shirts are available for men and women.

Also, summer riding requires thin protective layers as well. Leather shirts are far more protective than ordinary fabric shirts and tops. Additionally, these leather shirts make the rider look cool as well. Full body fit shirt made from genuine leather is a cool thing to wear on its own.

Hard-Top Leather Shoes for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riding shoes are necessary accessories. These have dedicated hard toes to help with shifting gears. Leather shoes for motorcycle riders not only look good but are very functional too. The material ages better than other materials used in shoes manufacture.

Vintage Leather has the finest quality of leather jackets, tops, shirts, pants, chaps, gloves and other accessories. Our leather for motorcycle leather range can keep you safe and looking attractive. Have a look and place your orders to get doorstep delivery any time all year.


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