How to Clean Your Expensive Leather Jacket Lining for Fresher Feel

How to Clean Your Expensive Leather Jacket Lining for Fresher Feel

Leather jackets are expensive garments much loved by their owners. These can last decades when treated right and taken care of. Also, mistreated leather garments can lose their shine and appeal very quickly too. So, when looking to make your expensive leather jacket last many years, it is important to give it the cleaning it deserves. Cleaning and taking care of it can prolong its freshness.

Also, leather ages gracefully when treated right. Even an old aging leather jacket can look trendy and very attractive. Hanging your leather jacket while still wet destroys its color, shine and appeal rather fast. You surely want to clean it after few times of usage. There are many different factors that contribute to how you should clean your jacket. Read through to find out more:

Understanding Your Leather Jacket Lining Material

First, it is very important to understand your leather jacket lining material. Whatever cleaning you do, will have to depend heavily on the lining material. Labels on expensive leather jacket will always provide information into the nature of lining material.

  • Viscose Lining for Leather Jacket – This is the faux silk type of lining very commonly used in leather garments. It should be very soft, comfortable and largely easy to clean compared to other lining materials.
  • Cotton Leather Jacket Lining – Also very commonly used leather jacket lining material is cotton. It is also very comfortable in use and is breathable just like any other cotton garment as well. Also, cotton fabrics are not static in nature.
  • Poly Cotton Leather Jacket Lining – Mixing polyester and cotton together provides a material called poly cotton. It is more frequently used in spring and summer leather jackets and is lighter in nature. It also makes you sweat less and is even more breathable than cotton.

Starting the Leather Jacket Lining Cleaning Process

Depending on the frequency and nature of use, different leather jackets can dirty up differently. The lining is often likely to get some unwanted odors caused by sweat and stored in air-less places. For odor treatment, you need special cleaning techniques.

Additionally, sweat can cause some stains on the lining as well. Everyday outdoors use especially in case of motorcycle riders can give the leather jackets exterior stains too. We have a cleaning guide that can restore your expensive leather jacket to its new condition.

·       Air It Out Thoroughly

The first you want to do when starting to clean your leather jacket is to air it out thoroughly. Even if it is wet, keep it away from direct sunlight. Instead, air it if you have an air blower. Definitely keep it away from heat sources to dry it off. Heat can damage the leather and also the lining from the inside.

Spread your jacket wide. Air it from the outside. Then, turn it inside out and then spread it out to air its inside lining completely as well. If you don’t have an air blower, leave it in a shaded place with lots of fresh air. Hang it in the room if you have fans turned on to dry the moisture off completely.

·       Baking Soda for Leather Jacket Lining Cleaning

Baking soda is a natural stain remove. It is also mild enough to not damage fabrics of many kinds. Baking soda helps pull out stains from their roots. Spread the baking soda evenly on your leather jacket lining. Make sure to have your jacket turned inside out for baking soda to work best.

Once the baking soda is everywhere on the lining, spray it gently with lukewarm water. Let it stay on the lining surface for half an hour. The baking soda should crisp up in this time. Now, you can easily wipe it off using just a damp clean cloth.

·       Use Mild All-Purpose Detergent

Baking soda should take away expensive leather jacket lining stains and most of the odors. However, it may not work all of the times. If not, you can use all-purpose detergent to remove nasty stains and odors. Mix that mild detergent with clean water until it dissolves completely.

Then, take a clean piece of uncolored cloth or sponge and dip it in the water detergent solution. Wipe the dirty area with the sponge or cloth until it is clean. When done, make sure to air your jacket again or leave it out away from heat or direct sunlight to dry off before wearing.

·       Dedicated Leather Jacket Lining Cleaners

Basically, everything you can do at home, has a better more efficient commercial solution. This is just what is available for leather jacket lining cleaning as well. You have many dedicated jacket lining cleaning solutions available in the market that are very good.

Find one that is mild and not too strong. Spray bottles of lining cleaners are available. Alternatively, you can also get some powder solutions that can be mixed with water. These do a good job of taking out unwanted odors and stains. If you like something, make sure to stick to it for leather jacket lining cleaning later on too.

·       Make Your Leather Jacket Last Longer by Cleaning the Lining Properly

Cleaning your leather jacket properly surely makes it last long. It is not farfetched for grandparents to hand down their leather jackets to grandchildren. By nature, processed leather fabric is designed to last very long. Your expensive leather jacket should be good for many decades if cared for.

Also, you want your leather jacket to look clean, fresh and good as new for as long as possible. Clean it every month during the wearing season. Make sure to clean its lining properly to keep it away from nasty odors and stains too. It will look fresh from the outside and make you feel fresh as well.

Bottom Line

An expensive leather jacket that is very fashionable and stylish is a proud garment for all of us. It is very important to keep it clean when you want it going for many years. Clean its lining to make it odor free and make your feel fresh wearing it. Our leather jacket lining cleaning steps will help make your jacket last longer and also make your proud of owning it.

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