How to Select the Perfect Motorcycle Leather Jacket for This Winter Season?

How to Select the Perfect Motorcycle Leather Jacket for This Winter Season?

Motorcycle riding is fun right! However, it comes with its problems too. If you are a weekend rider, you’d not have to go through many problems. However, if you are a daily rider to work and general trips, there is much to think about. Your motorcycle leather jacket has to fulfil many different requirements and expectations. This is an investment you should pay attention to for sure.

Motorcycle jacket is not like any other jacket. It has to be worn when you are riding and also when you are not. Usually, riders will spend most of their time in motorcycle gear. Also, winters are quite harsh here in the UK. You need to be prepared for it. So, here are some leather motorcycle jackets buying tips that will help you get the perfect one for this season:

Select the Right Colour for Your Motorcycle Leather Jacket

One of the most important features for any wearable item is its colour. Jackets are big and cover most of your body. They have to be the right colour for you to keep using them. So, always make sure the colour is what you really want. It is easy to get distracted many times too.

With the colour of your motorcycle leather jacket, make sure it matches your selection criteria. Some people want their jackets to be the same in colour to the motorbike itself. Other people have some nice accents on the bike and jacket can match those accenting colours.

Whatever your criteria are on colour, make sure the jacket you buy matches them. Many times, jackets on their own will look good. But, going out on that ride, you will not want to wear it for different colour choices. So, pay attention and purchase the right one.

Make Sure It’s Warm Enough for Winter

Winters can be pretty harsh here in the UK. Temperatures can go below freezing in many parts of the country. Also, that seemingly non-stop cold breeze makes it difficult for outdoor activities. So, if you are purchasing a motorcycle leather jacket for regular use, make sure it is warm enough.

This is also why thick leather jackets are often best for bikers here in the country. Also, the lining and its material plays a vital role. You often see riders use leather jackets with real animal fur inside. This helps keep the body warm and away from the cold.

When trying your jacket own, make sure it has some weight to it. Check for air gaps. Usually, air sealed jackets work best for motorcycle riding. There are other warmer ideas but when it comes to warmth and durability combined, leather tops are the best.

Extra Safety Padding for Motorcycle Leather Jacket Is Necessary

Personal safety is of the highest importance for riders at all times. These two wheelers are risky business since there is not a lot of protection yet. So, this is why you need your apparel to provide that missing safety. This is also why racers always wear those padded suits.

Make sure the motorcycle leather jacket you are purchasing has the required padding in it. All the soft points of the upper body including chest, back, shoulders and others need to be padded. High-quality riding jackets always have the required padding in them.

Some rider jackets come with the option of removable padding. It can be removed once you are off the bike. Also, it can be put back in quickly when riding. This makes the rider feel safer and also keep the good fitting profile.

Get the Right Fitting Attractive Leather Jacket for Motorcycle

Since we are on the leather jacket fitting topic, it is a very important selection factor too. Leather material and jacket’s inner lining is often not associated with loosening up or tightening. So, it is important to get the best fitting one when buying it.

Always try on your jacket to see the exact fit. If you buy online, like from Vintage Leather, you will have the option of return or change of sizes. Make sure wherever you buy your jacket from, provides the option for change of sizes if and when required. Best fitting jackets look handsome too for both sexes.

Pay Attention to the Type and Quality of Leather and Finish

There are many different types of leather fabrics. Lamb or sheep skin leather is often the softest and the freshest looking. Cowhide leather is more rugged, heavier and also harder in nature. Then, there is calf leather as well. Younger the animal, softer, more comfortable the leather material.

It is also important to get the right finish on your motorcycle leather jacket. Some are finished with a nice shine and sheen on them. Others look more matte in finish. Make sure you like the way it feels to the touch as well. More you like it; more you will be motivated to wear it.

Make Sure Inner Lining Is Easily Cleanable and Long-Lasting

Usually, during winter season, leather jackets only dirty up on the outside. There is not much sweat to worry about. However, depending on where you wear it, some sweat might get into the inner lining. Also, depending on usage, inner lining might develop stains and whatnot.

Some inner lining materials are easy to clean. Others are not so much. Also, when you get your leather jacket cleaned or steam-cleaned, inner lining needs to be addressed too. Make sure it is a material that is easy to clean, maintain while it will last long as well.

Why Vintage Leather

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Our customers have always praised our leather materials to be the finest and longest lasting. We provide custom fit jackets that are prepared to the required sizes for our customers. Have a look at all our leather jackets, pants and other accessories to complete you look for this winter season.

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