6 Reasons Why You Should Have Genuine Leather Jacket This Winter

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Genuine Leather Jacket This Winter

Leather jackets have been the go-to garment for many decades. They might have been used first for a different reason, being that of flying fighter planes. However, the great quality and longevity encouraged manufacturers to come up with new ideas. Today, you have genuine leather jackets available in the widest selection of design, colour and style.

Also, there are so many fake leather garments going around in the market too. Faux leather may look like genuine stuff when new. But it doesn’t age like it and by no means does look like it too. Let alone the superior actual feel and comfort of the real leather stuff. So, here are some reasons why your wardrobe should definitely have a genuine leather jacket for this winter:

1: Genuine Leather Jacket Is More Comfortable

Leather jackets are some of the most comfortable garments considering their thickness and other properties. Genuine cowhide or sheepskin leather are both very soft in nature. Sheepskin leather is the softest when it comes to ultimate comfortability.

Other faux leather jackets almost never achieve such kind of combined properties. When manufacturers go heavy with the faux leather material, it turns out to be uncomfortable and rather hard feeling. For faux leather jackets that aren’t as thick, they never provide the required warmth.

You will find a genuine leather jacket to be adequately comfortable. Even when you get a close body fitting one, you will be able to move your arms around with relative comfort. This is because the natural softness of the material. It just cannot be beaten when it comes to comfort.

2: Motorcycle Leather Jackets Offer More Protection

One of the most common usages of leather garments is for motorcycle riding. Everywhere in the world, motorbike riders love their leather jackets. This is because of many factors. Leather jackets are quite warm and can keep riders cosy on coldest days and nights.

However, the biggest reason why motorcycle riders love leather jackets is because of the added protection. You can get genuine leather jacket with added padding inside of it. Padding for the chest, the back, shoulders and elbows provides that sense of safety.

In addition, genuine leather is very well resistant to abrasion. So, in case a rider takes a fall, the thick material of the jacket and its added padding should be able to minimize injury. However, riders should always ride safely and follow all speed limits on all roads at all times.

3: Genuine Leather Is Always Cosier and Warmer

The very first proper leather jacket was probably invented for fighter plane pilots to keep them warm. However, human beings are thought to have worn genuine animal hide for their first fabric in the caveman ages. Yet, to this day, genuine leather jackets remain some of the warmest cosiest garments.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why motorcycle riders like leather garments too. Most riders also couple leather jackets will pants or chaps to keep warm. For cold days, evenings and nights, these cosy fabrics do a good job of keeping you warm.

Faux leather garments never achieve such high warmth properties no matter who they are from. So, you will get lighter jackets with genuine leather that will provide the require levels of warmth for the body.

4: Genuine Leather Jacket Lasts Long When Cared For

Another great added advantage of purchasing genuine leather jacket is that it will last longer. Cowhide leather is thought to be the toughest version. Calf leather and sheepskin are not far behind when it comes to durability and longevity.

However, you do need to care for your leather jackets to make them last longer. Caring for it includes not having it while still wet, not placing heavy things on top of it when folded and also not leaving in direct sunlight. Also, you should get it dry cleaned often depending on usage frequency.

Genuine leather ages gracefully. Even when you get your jacket wrinkled, it will look good. On the other hand, faux leather garments don’t age so gracefully and often start to get damaged quicker.

5: So Much Variety in Colours, Styles and Finishes Available

Traditionally, leather garments were available in a limited selection of colour and finish. Black, brown and tan used to be the only available colours. However, as more manufacturers started offering finer leather jackets, choice in colours and finishes expanded over time.

From movie stars to live screen artists, almost everyone endorsed the leather jacket. Some of the biggest name in pop culture have made the leather jacket quite famous now. Also, fashion acceptance of the leather jacket has made it available in countless new styles.

The variety of genuine leather jacket today is wider than many other garments. Practically, you have formal leather jackets and also casual ones. People can proudly wear their fine leather jackets on any day of the week for any occasion.

6: Genuine Leather Requires Little to No Maintenance

Many types of fabrics and jackets will require quite a bit of maintenance. For some, you will need to iron them before every use. Others will require washing up too quickly. From the cleaning perspective, genuine leather jackets are usually the easiest.

Mostly, all you need to do is spray some water and wipe your real leather jacket with a clean cloth. This cleans up most stains on any leather jacket due to the nature of the fabric. However, some maintenance is always recommended.

Make sure to get your leather jacket dry cleaned every so often. Also, applying products like leather polish or conditioner will make the colour pop and prolong the life of the fabric.

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