6 Ways You Can Damage Your Expensive Leather Jacket Quickly

6 Ways You Can Damage Your Expensive Leather Jacket Quickly

Leather garments are pretty expensive. They are quite stylish as well. Whether you are a motorcycle rider or just love leather garments regardless, maintaining these garments is the best way. A quality leather jacket costs several hundreds of Pounds Sterling in the UK. Fair to say, these are some of the most expensive jacket’s money can buy.

Depending on the quality and type of leather, you might end up paying even more. Sheepskin leather jackets are some of the most expensive. These might have seen light of day for fighter plane pilots. However, they have become much more mainstream today. There are many things you can do wrong when it comes to lasting your leather jackets long. Here are some of them to surely avoid:

1: Hang It in the Cupboard Still Wet

When outdoors, your leather jacket is sure to get wet every now and then. Especially, here in the UK, it rains a lot. You get rain showers almost every day most months of the year. So, it is practically unavoidable trying to keep your leather jacket out of the rain.

Especially, motorcycle riders will get their jackets wet all the time. However, getting it wet isn’t the problem. Quality leather fabrics are designed to withstand elements in the most efficient way. Most of the motorcycle leather jackets are designed to be waterproof as well.

However, problem occurs when you hang your leather jacket still wet in the cupboard. Storage units don’t get much air. This is why water stays on their surface for longer. When this happens, ugly wrinkles and colour loss might happen. Leave your jacket out in fresh air to dry before hanging in the cupboard.

2: Leave It Out in Direct Sunlight or Near Heat Source to Dry

So, your leather jacket is wet and you want to dry it off quickly. Many people make the mistake of hanging it in direct sunlight. Some people also go the extra mile and leave it near the fireplace to dry even quicker. These are all bad for the life of your leather jacket.

Direct sunlight and heat sources tend to damage the leather. You have to think of real genuine leather as skin. It is in fact real animal skin. If your skin gets burnt when near heat sources, so can animal skin. The only part is that that skin is not alive anymore and will not get better.

So, when trying to dry your leather jacket, hang it away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Hang it somewhere where there is fresh air. If you can hang it outside in the shade, it will be the best. However, in case it rains, the jacket will get wet again.

3: Throw It Under Heavy Weights in the Storage

Quite often, at the end of the winter seasons, we do away with leather jackets. When storing amongst other clothing, it is common for leather jackets to go near the bottom. Also, sometimes, too much weight on them from heavy clothing or other items can destroy the look.

The first thing you are going to see is creases that will not go away. Even when you want to make the creases go away, steam ironing will be required. They might still not go away completely. Also, when these creases straighten out, they might damage the top leather layer.

So, make sure to store your expensive leather jacket in a managed storage space. Best place to store your leather jacket is the cupboard while hanging. Ideally, use a jacket cover or wrap it in soft cloth. If not, hang it in a dry, clean storage area like a cupboard.

4: Not Caring for It While Wearing

Genuine expensive leather jackets aren’t exactly fragile. They are designed to be strong and withstand regular use and abuse. However, sometimes, they do get cut from sharp objects. Especially, motorcycle riders often get too many cuts or scrapes on their leather jackets.

Like any fabric, you have to care for your jacket while wearing it. Avoid sharp objects. Quite often, when you become too careless, even the slightest cut can destroy the look. There might be ways to repair cuts on leather jackets. However, it is best to not have it cut in the first place.

5: Your Storage Space Is Too Damp and Wet

Where you store your expensive leather jacket will mean a lot in its long-lasting too. Many storage places are in the basements or in the attic in many homes. These may be too damp, humid or even get that occasion water leak. These factors aren’t good for lasting any garment long.

So, when looking to last your jacket many years, make sure to store it right. Make sure there is no fungus inside your storage units or cupboards. Clean your storage space out properly. Also, make sure to visit it regularly and check for moisture or humidity that might be there. Fix if it there is.

6: Stop Caring and Maintaining Your Leather Jacket

Maintaining and caring for your expensive leather jacket is vital. Genuine animal skin stays good as new when you care for it right. Get it steam cleaned every few months of use. Also, leather polishes are available in the market at reasonable prices.

In addition to polishes, you might also want to wax your leather garment too. Waxes protect the top layer from elements while also giving it that nice shine and popping colour. So, make sure to never stop caring and loving your jacket. It will last years for you if you care for it right.

Final Words

Expensive leather jackets are handsome garments. They make you look smart and very attractive. Care for your jacket and it will last many years. It is not uncommon for grandparents to hand down their heyday leather jackets to their grandchildren. This is only possible when you don’t make all these abovementioned expensive leather jacket mistakes. Care for it for the garment to last long.


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