6 Most Popular Types of Leather Jackets for Men

6 Most Popular Types of Leather Jackets for Men

Leather garments have been around for far longer than recorded history. Simpler leather garments were arguably the very first coverage humans adopted even before modern civilization. However, more recently, leather jackets were reinvented for fighter plane pilot usage back in the First World War era. Since then, there has been a drastic shift in their fit and finish as well.

For men, leather jackets today are some of the most popular garments. Especially, in colder parts of the world men are accustomed to leather jackets of different types. There are so many different types of leather jackets available today as well. Fancy colours and styling make the wearer look attractive as well. So, here are some of the most popular types of men’s leather jackets:

1: Men’s Bomber Leather Jackets

The bomber-style leather jackets have been around for more than a century. Being introduced in the World War 1 era, these jackets have seen many evolutions. Typically, these are thick leather jackets with a thick inner lining as well.

The arm length is more than the body of the jacket. Also, a quality bomber jacket for men will have braded ends at the cuffs and waist ends. This gives the jacket a longer life where the ends don’t pick up damage from getting rubbed across surfaces and objects.

Also, the bomber leather jackets for men will also have looser arms and shoulders for better comfort. Many Hollywood icons and pop culture figures have popularized the iconic bomber jackets. These are some of the more popular options for men.

2: Men’s Fashion Short-Body Leather Jackets

Bomber jackets aren’t the only short-body leather jacket options in the market right now. There are many different design and style variations available today. Short-body leather jackets are available in the form of vests as well. These can look very good depending on the weather.

Also, sleeveless short-body leather jackets are the perfect option for a casual day when it’s not too cold. Different options are available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Short-body leather jackets are more fashion-centric. If you want something warmer and cozier, make sure to look at other options. These are not designed to offer high levels of cold protection.

3: Men’s Motorcycle Leather Jackets

Motorcycle leather jackets are some of the most popular variants in the market. This is because motorcycles are very popular as well. These 2-wheelers do not offer any protection like you have in a car or any other larger vehicle. All the protection on offer will have to be from what is on your body.

Typical motorcycle riding jackets aren’t exactly made for comfort. These are made for maximum body protection in case of emergency situations.

Also, typical motorcycle leather jackets will have protective padding at critical body points including elbows, shoulders, chest, and the back. Some motorcycle leather jackets will look quite attractive when worn right as well. Others are made for track days only.

4: Men’s Formal Long Leather Coats

Jackets aren’t the only leather tops available in the market. You also have the option for formal coats made from cowhide and sheepskin leather. These are formal coats that can be used with formal dress codes. They will make you look different from what a typical jacket provides.

Long leather coats are perfect for the winter season as well. Depending on the inner lining and thickness of the leather material, different levels of coziness will be available.

Also, typical long leather coats will have more than two buttons at the front. These are designed differently to jackets and will need special care including regular cleaning and waxing of the surface.

5: Men’s Fur Leather Jackets

Fur jackets are also very popular amongst men. These are particularly beneficial for the winter season. Natural or faux fur is used depending on the requirement to keep the body warm. Also, different colour combinations of the fur and the leather materials are available on demand as well.

Men’s fur jackets are very fashionable in the winter season as well. These will be heavier than most other leather jackets offering quite a bit of warmth.

Also, men’s fur leather jackets would be slightly more expensive due to the extra materials used in them. However, proper maintenance will make them last very long when made from genuine leather material.

6: Men’s Leather Shirts and Tops

For the summer season, men’s leather shirts and light tops are also available. Sleeveless shirts and full-sleeve leather shirts are available when required. These are available in different leather colours, designs, and finishes for a unique look.

Leather shirts are made to fit the body nicely. Some other types of tops will suit well depending on the rest of the attire. Also, leather shirts provide quite a bit of warmth and cold protection while it doesn’t match the levels of a jacket.

Why Leather Jackets Are So Popular and In-Demand?

  • Coziness on Cold Days or Nights – Not many materials are as warm and cozy as genuine leather. Cowhide and sheepskin leather are prime examples of warmth.
  • Can Be Worn with Any Pants or Bottoms – Most leather jackets can be used with any kind of bottoms including jeans, leather pants, dress pants, and many others.
  • Perfect for Every Day or Occasion – There is a right leather jacket for any day and occasion. Make sure to find the best one to look good at any time.
  • Rugged and Long-Lasting – Leather jackets age well. Treat them right with proper maintenance and they will last you many years and even decades.
  • Chic Styling and Aesthetics – Leather jackets are very fashion-centric. These can make you look chic and attractive on any day.

Final Words

Investing in a quality leather jacket is the right decision. Men’s leather jackets have been quite popular amongst the masses around the world. Iconic movie stars and popular figures have made different styles of leather jackets so famous. Bomber leather jackets are prime examples when it comes to beauty and function combined. Many other styles and forms are available for everyday use.

Formal leather coats are available to make you stand out as well. These are warm garments that look good on the body. Fur leather jackets and short-body jackets are made to last while making the wearer look good too. Make sure to get the right size that offers comfort and style combined. These garments are made to last. Care for them and they will last a very long time.

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