Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Leather Jacket This Year

Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Leather Jacket This Year

High-quality leather jackets are much more than their looks alone. Premium materials make quality leather jackets more comfortable, stylish, long-lasting, and chic. Also, no matter how much you spend on a branded piece, if it doesn’t fit well, it will be not much good. Why the leather jacket is needed and its purpose are important factors as well.

There are so many options available today that it can even get confusing when buying your leather jacket. Also, there are many other concerns and factors that will make your purchase the right one. Everything from the type of material to the zipper quality and the inner lining will play a vital role. We have a perfect leather jacket-buying guide for you. Read through to find out more:

Leather Jacket Fitting

For leather jackets, fitting is one of the most important factors. It should be comfortable enough while not being too loose. How it fits different parts of the body will play a vital role in its functionality.

  • Shoulders Fitting – A leather jacket fitting around the shoulders is very important. This is where your movement will be free or limited. You need accurate shoulder sizing for your jacket. Jackets that are too small on the shoulders, will limit your movement and make you look too dense. Large shoulder sizes will give an uneven upper body look.
  • Sleeve Length – Different leather jackets require different sleeve lengths. A motorcycle-riding leather jacket will need longer sleeves. A leather coat will require a shorter sleeve length. Another benefit of longer sleeve length is that it will defend your wrist and keep the forearms warm as well. Bomber leather jackets usually have longer sleeves but with braided ends.
  • Armpit Joints – Quality leather jackets will be stitched to perfection. They will have the armpit joints high up. This would allow a good amount of room for arm movements with no additional bits of fabric hanging loosely when stretching the arms out.
  • Jacket Lenth – Typically, leather jackets are worn short in length. This way, they make you look more attractive and neater. Also, trimmer-cut jackets are made to sit higher. However, no leather jacket should go lower than the waistline. Leather jackets that touch the centre of your trouser pockets are not comfortable and do not look good as well. Also, tucking the shirt in your trousers will prevent them from bulging past the bottom of the jacket.
  • Collars of the Leather Jacket – There are different styles of leather jackets. Collars play a vital role in the overall aesthetic of any jacket. Bomber jackets are known for their thick and heavy collars. Fur jackets use different types of fur materials on the collar. Some leather jackets have less pronounced very small collars. Make sure it looks neat and attractive.
  • Pockets of the Leather Jacket – Different leather jackets have different numbers and sizes of pockets on them. For frontal chest pockets, make sure they sit evenly on the chest when worn. Also, side pockets should be aligned perfectly without protruding too much outwards.

What Purpose Is the Leather Jacket Required for?

Different leather jackets will serve different purposes. Also, different days require different types of jackets as well. Here’s more information on that:

  • Style and Aesthetics – How your leather jacket looks and presents you is the most basic requirement. This feature is required for all kinds of leather jackets no matter who is buying them and from where. Only motorcycle leather jackets might not be considered for their looks. All other types of leather jackets will and should be judged on their looks. Also, there are so many different styles to choose from. Bomber jackets, fashion jackets, long coats, short-body leather jackets, fur jackets, and so many. Make sure to select the right one.
  • Safety – Leather jackets generically offer more protection than many other fabrics. However, for motorcycle jackets, additional safety is a must. High-quality motorcycle leather jackets will be made from thicker more resilient leather materials. Also, they will be heavier than your fashion jackets. Advanced motorcycle jackets will also feature protective padding.
  • Coziness – Many people buy leather jackets for the only purpose of their warmth and coziness. This was the very first usage of modern bomber leather jackets in recent times. If you need a warm leather jacket, make sure to buy a thicker one. Genuine cowhide and sheepskin leather jackets have high levels of cold protection. Also, the inner lining and its material will play a vital role in the overall insulation and warmness of your jacket.

Longevity and Durability of a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are typically very long-lasting. These are some of the most durable garments available in the market. It is common for grandparents to pass on their used leather jackets to grandchildren. Maintaining your leather jacket correctly will add so many years and decades to its lifecycle.

Ideally, a genuine leather jacket when taken care of, should last more than 5 years at minimum. Also, cowhide leather jackets are typically more durable than sheepskin leather jackets. This is due to the generic hardness of the type of leather. However, cowhide leather jackets will weigh a bit more than sheepskin leather jackets as well.

Also, caring for the leather jacket will make it last longer as well. Do not hang it in the closet when still well. Also, do not hang it in direct sunlight to dry. Keep it clean and use leather waxes to keep it looking good as well. Genuine leather jackets age gracefully with their wrinkles looking even better.


Leather jackets have been around for a very long time. Different types of leather materials and jacket styles are available for different requirements. Buy a leather jacket that fits well on your body to feel comfortable and look attractive.

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