Top Benefits of Buying a Leather Bomber Jacket This Year

Top Benefits of Buying a Leather Bomber Jacket This Year

Leather jackets have been a great fashion statement for a very long time now. Also, leather is arguably the oldest garment humankind has gotten access to. However, its forms and processed product have evolved greatly over time. Today, styles like bomber leather jackets are very much in style and the perfect wear garments for so many requirements.

Arguably the biggest benefit of a leather jacket is that it can be worn with potentially anything. You could be rocking a pair of jeans and wear your bomber leather jacket on top. Or, you can wear one over your formal dress to stay warm as well. Its function and aesthetics have made the product so popular over the decades. So, here are some top benefits of buying a leather bomber jacket this year:

Chic Style for a Handsome Look

Bomber jackets have a unique style. Of course, it now shared many similarities with so many other products. However, as a finished product, it stays in a league of its own. So many Hollywood celebs and pop culture icons have popularized the garments over the decades. These jackets are now known as the fashion statements of the current time and will continue to do so in the future as well.

Available in all colours, bomber-style leather jackets look great on men and women. You can wear one with any pair of jeans and also any other attire styling attractively. Whether you are going out at night with friends or heading to the subway to reach the office, this style of leather jacket will make your look attractive. Make sure to get the right fit for the best look.

Cosy Bomber Jackets Are Perfect for Winter

Enhanced cosiness is always available from bomber leather jackets. This has made them the perfect winter garment for many requirements. The standing collar-type bomber jackets particularly protect well against the cold. These types of bomber jackets were first introduced to keep fighter plane pilots warm at high altitudes. So, it is easy to see why they got their name and their ability to keep you warm.

The material of the collar and those braided cuffs and waist help keep the cold away more. A nylon collar will also provide waterproofing on rainy days and nights too. Soft fabric collars will be more comfortable to wear. These flight jackets have been known for their warmth. So, for harsh UK winter season, buying a bomber leather jacket this year will be a great purchase for all requirements.

Good Body Protection with Thicker Materials

Motorcycle riders also love their bomber leather jackets. This is because they offer a good level of body protection as well. However, regular bomber jackets don’t compare to the levels of body protection offered by specialized motorcycle riding jackets. Those ones will have additional protective padding. The additional padding will be in the form of metal plates or other similar materials.

However, when looking for something light, cosy, and chic, bomber leather jackets can be a good option. These will offer some good abrasion protection in case of falls. As long as you don’t expect them to provide protection in high-speed crashes, they will be good to go. Also, the thicker the materials, the more body protection you will get.

Robust Stitching and Materials

Robustness is associated with most high-quality leather jackets. Even more so with bomber leather jackets. When you buy a high-quality flight jacket, it will be stitched properly. Design elements like harder stitching and braided ends make these jackets last a very long time when treated right. All you have to do is to maintain your jacket for it to last many years and even decades.

It is common for grandparents to hand down their decades-old bomber leather jackets to grandchildren. This is because of the tough materials and even tougher stitching onboard. Polish and wax the leather material and don’t hang it when still wet. These tips will make your jackets last very long. Also, regular cleaning the surface with a clean wet cloth is a great way to extend the life.

Braided Elastic Cuffs and Waist for a Refined Form

Many features define the bomber leather jackets as what they are today. One of the best ones is its braided ends. The cuffs and waist ends are all braided. Durable materials are used for the elastic braided ends. These give the jacket its iconic look and make it keep the body warm even more. Also, the elastic braided ends keep them from getting damaged or roughened up at the ends.

Usually, leather cuffs and waist ends get scuffed up with regular use. Foods and oils will stick to them and will be harder to clean. However, braided cuffs and waist ends can be washed without washing the whole jacket. This extends the life of your bomber jackets by keeping them nice, clean and fresh.

Comfortable to Wear

When your bomber leather jackets are made from soft sheepskin, they will be very comfortable to wear. Make sure to get the best size and fit for your jacket to get comfortable wearing experiences. Also, the elastic braided cuffs and waist ends help with comfort particularly as well.

Your leather jackets should never be too tight. They should allow basic body movements. So, when trying out your bomber leather jacket, make sure to move your arms around and also twist the waist to find out how well it fits. Also, it should not be too loose on the body as well. Find the right balance to get an optimal wearing experience.

Final Words

Bomber leather jackets are top fashion trends. Also, these are the best when you want maximum warmth in the winter season. The best thing about these types of leather jackets is that they age nicely as well. When you take care of your jacket, it should last many years and even decades. It is important to buy the right size to keep your body comfortable at all times.

When done right, a flight jacket can be the perfect garment for all requirements. It is the perfect motorcycle riding jacket with light protection and comfort. Also, it will make you look attractive when on a night out with friends as well. Vintage Leather has some of the most attractive bomber jackets available made from authentic British leather. Have a look and order now for free delivery across the UK.


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