How to Make Your Motorcycle Leather Jackets Last Long?

How to Make Your Motorcycle Leather Jackets Last Long?

Motorcycle leather jackets are fashionable and some of the most protective when done right. Made from genuine leathers, these are available in thick fabrics with adequate body-protective padding. Durable as they might be, leather ages in different ways. Depending on how you care for it, your leather jacket for motorcycle might age gracefully or not so much. Also, aged leather jackets are a thing of fashion as well. Some brands sell aged leather jackets new as well.

Of course, quality leather jackets for motorcycles are expensive. They make you look stylish and offer great temperature insulation and body protection as well. For that investment, you’d ideally want to make your motorcycle leather jackets last long. We can tell you quality leather jackets can last way longer than most people think. With the right kind of treatment, you can last your jackets years. Here are some times that will help you keep your leather jackets looking good for longer:

Keep It Clean, Keep It Shiny

The first rule of keeping your leather motorcycle jacket going for longer is to keep it clean. You should clean it regularly taking off all dust, oils, grimes and stains of any kind. When stains settle into leather, they tend to develop odour producing bacteria.

Smudging stains can destroy to colour and finish of your expensive leather jacket. Clean it regularly and it will make your feel special for longer. Make sure to clean both the outside and inside of your leather jacket. Check it regularly and clean when needed.

Use Leather Wax for Protection and Longevity

Leather wax is a special material perfect for keeping motorcycle leather jackets looking good for longer. Waxes that are especially developed for leathers, form an extra layer of protection on them. These layers are resilient and stop any stains or harmful materials reaching the leather.

There are many different kinds of waxes available for leathers. You’d ideally want something that doesn’t add any colour or odour at all. Applying wax will also keep the leather beneath safe from liquid. These small investments pay big in prolonging the life of your leather jackets for motorcycles.

Dry Off Before Hanging It Motorcycle Leather Jackets Get Wet

Motorcycle jackets often get wet when worn outdoors. Especially in the UK, where rain is always around, getting home with a wet jacket after a ride is common. However, riders shouldn’t hang their motorcycle leather jackets when they are still wet at all.

Make sure to dry off completely before hanging. Leave in an open place where the moisture can leave the jacket. Wipe the outer surface with a clean dry cloth to take moisture off. This will take off all that dust and possible stain developments as well. Hanging wet can cause leathers to smell bad.

Do Not Hang Motorcycle Leather jackets in Direct Sunlight to Dry

So, you know not to hang your leather jacket while it is still wet. Also, it is important not to hang leather jackets in direct sunlight. Leathers are animal skins. They get damaged from direct sunlight when left in it for longer periods of time.

Leave your jacket in a shaded area to dry after getting it wet or washing it. Also, it is important to read labels whether your leather jacket is liquid wash friendly or not. Make sure to leave in direct sunlight. It can also damage colour and finish of the leather.

Do Not Store Any Sharp Objects in Their Pockets

Often, riders can store items like knives, blades or other sharp objects when on longer road trips. As long as the sharp side of these is concealed, there shouldn’t be any harm in it. However, over time, a sharp side can accidently touch the leather or the inside lining.

Leathers are particularly susceptible to getting cuts from sharp objects. The best thing is to store all these sharp objects in designated containers. You can fit bags or boxes on your motorcycle as well. Keep your motorcycle leather jackets good for long and avoid any cuts in their surfaces.

Use Leather Conditioners and Brushes for Cleaning

Planning to clean your awesome leather jacket? Start off by using the right supplies for the job. There are leather conditioners available in the market that do the best job. Also, use of soft tip brushes is highly recommended to take off all those stains.

These cleaning techniques allow your leather jackets to look clean for longer periods of time. Quality leather conditioners help renew the leather materials making them look perfect. Conditioners clean the surface and the use of soft tip brushes get rid of all unwanted stains perfectly.

Keep Motorcycle Leather Jackets Away from Heat

Heat is an enemy of genuine leathers. Like any skin, leathers tend to fare badly when exposed to heat of any kind. It is very important to keep your leather jackets away from heat sources. Make sure to take your jacket off when close to a fire or heater of any kind.

Motorcycle leather jackets last long looking great when you take care of them rightly. Vintage Leather offers high-quality genuine leather jackets for motorcycle riders. Our jackets for men and women are available in all colours and designs. Keep yours looking good by keeping away from heat.

Avoid Machine Wash and Clean It by Hand or Steam Cleaning

Leather jackets don’t like machine wash. Some don’t even like liquid washes at all. Reason for this is most leather jackets have inner lining that can shrink. Also, leathers can lose their colour upon exposure to detergents in the washing machine.

Make sure to read the labels correctly. If your leather jacket for motorcycle riding doesn’t read machine wash on the label, don’t do it. A quality dry clean or its surface cleaning with conditioners and leather soaps is recommended for longest life.

Clean Off Any Stains While They Are Still Fresh

Stains on leather materials are easier to remove than on fabrics or any kinds. However, when dust stains, oils, grimes or even food stains dry up, they harden. Also, stains that might have hardened are particularly difficult to remove.

Make sure to treat your motorcycle leather jackets for stain removal while the stains are still fresh. Sauces from foods and oils can be easily removed when fresh. This might take some doing but will guarantee long-term stain-free finish on your expensive leather jacket.


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