6 Reasons Motorcycle Leather Jackets Are Absolutely Essential

6 Reasons Motorcycle Leather Jackets Are Absolutely Essential

Do you ride motorcycles? If you do, you’ll know exactly how important body safety is. Also, motorcycle jackets do much more than keeping you safe as well. For a motorcycle rider, the right gear is absolutely necessary. Upper body safety is one of the most important factors for any rider. Motorcycle leather jackets with protective layering are the confidence you need to ride freely.

Everyone should ride with responsibility at all times. Motorcycle jackets with appropriate safety padding can save many lives in worst situations. There are many types of upper body wear available in the market today. Motorcycle leather jackets have been popular for a long time. Especially in colder climates like the UK, warm upper body wear deserves more attention.

Whilst there are many different types of motorcycle jackets, we think leather ones are some of the best. Vintage Leather offers a wide range of motorcycle riding optimized leather jackets. Read below to find out why you definitely need one:

1: Motorcycle Leather Jackets Have Protective Padding for Safety

Motorcyclists are well aware of protective paddings in riding gear. These layers are much needed for body protection in difficult times. Since there is little to no safety on two wheels in times of falls or accidents, your apparel needs to incorporate it.

This is where motorcycle leather jackets come useful. Leather jackets for men and women made for riding always have protective pieces of padding. Often you will find solid metal pieces covering the chest and back areas in riding jackets. Also, elbow pads are places with shoulder pads as well.

Basically, these protective paddings are place to keep you safe in case of a fall or accident. When they are used rightly, you get great protection for the body with them. Motorcycle riding jackets that are made for impact resistance with genuine leathers keep you safe to large degree.

2: Motorcycle Leather Jackets Are Made from Abrasion-Proof Materials

Abrasion wounds are usually the most worrying ones in motorcycle falls and accidents. Because these two wheelers are often fast, riders scrap their skin when coming off them at speeds. Also, abrasion wounds can run quite deep taking of flesh with the skin as well.

Genuine leather riding jackets are treated in a way that the finish with abrasion proofing. Additional to the thick leather top layer, even thicker inner layers are placed to absorb the hard road surfaces. These features make leather riding jackets rider’s best friend in the unfortunate instance of falls.

Vintage Leather sells motorcycle leather jackets that are made from the most resilient abrasion-proof materials. Our jackets do the best job of keeping your skin safe from scrapes and skin wounds. Get your favourite ones delivered to your doorstep any day of the week.

3: Motorcycle Leather Jackets Add Personality to Riders

Another reason why leather jackets for riding have been so popular is their fancy designs and finishes. These beautifully crafted leather riding jackets add quite a bit of personality to the wearer. You just have to find a jacket that fits on your body smartly making you look great.

Of course, for riding jackets, you will mostly be wearing them on riding days. Also, many riding days are in groups where you ride with your friends and riding partners. Everyone wants to stand out among riding friends when it comes to how they look and present themselves.

Quality motorcycle leather jackets are made from top-end leathers. Vintage Leather uses premium leathers for our leading riding jackets. These materials make you look smart and the top-notch stich and finish makes an impression of its own.

4: Leather Jackets Keep Riders Warm on Cold Days

UK is a cold country. Weather is cold most part of the year. Although weather is not so bad as some other parts of the world, it is still very cold for motorcycle riding. Leather jackets are popular even in people who don’t ride motorcycles at all. They keep your warm at all times.

Leather jackets specialize in insulating the body to great extents against cold winds. Leather riding jackets made from premium leathers are made specifically with this in mind. Thick inner layers and outer leathers also have insulating lining in between.

Motorcycle leather jackets are some of the warmest in the industry. Riders in the UK need all that warmth for their bodies to function properly as well. Vintage Leather now offers thick leather jackets for riders that do the best job of keeping you warm.

5: Motorcycle Jackets Made from Authentic Leathers Last Long

Genuine leathers are made to last. These are finished well and can last a really long time while looking good. Also, real leather ages gracefully. Even with all those wrinkles and fading colours, premium leather jackets don’t look bad. In fact, aged leather look is a trend in its own for new products.

Motorbike riding jackets made from genuine leathers are known to last many years. These authentic jackets from Vintage Leather have a unique finish on them that helps last long. There are not many commercial materials that can claim to last longer than genuine leathers.

When you take good care of your motorcycle leather jackets, they are sure to last years. Make sure to clean them with recommended cleaning solutions regularly. Even polish them if needed for them to last even longer. They will keep making you look graceful for years on end.

6: Jackets with Removable Padding Can Be Everyday Fashion Worn

Looking for leather jackets that can be ridden for motorcycle riding and worn as everyday fashion wear as well? Go for leather riding jackets with removable padding. Some jackets come with carefully placed pockets that hold your metallic or other materials padding.

These leather jackets for motorcycle riding can have their padding removed rather easily. When that padding is removed, leather jackets become standard everyday fashion jackets. These will lose all that weight of the padding and the heft that comes with it too.

All you need to do for such removable padding motorcycle leather jackets is to take the padding out. It can be placed back in when you need to hop on the motorcycle again. This makes these jackets some of the best for dual purpose usage at any time of the day or night.


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