Pro Tips to Choose the Safest Motorcycle Jacket in the UK

Pro Tips to Choose the Safest Motorcycle Jacket in the UK

Buying the best leather motorcycle jacket is very important. Motorcycles are fun and all. However, these two-wheelers are fast machines that bring a lot of risk when riding. Since there is no external protection and the rider is always exposed to elements, protection from what is on your body is very important. Motorcycle jackets have evolved quite a lot in the past few decades. Pro-safety motorcycle jackets are not made for their fashion sense and are fully made with rider safety in mind.

Even in professional motorcycle racing, riders often quickly get up after speedy crashes. This is because the protective suit that is on their body does its job nicely. However, casual riders will not want to wear those full-body suits when riding. Yet, there is quite a bit of safety and protection available with motorcycle jackets for street riders as well. Read through to find out important tips for the safest motorcycle jacket purchase in the UK:

The thickness of the Jacket Contributes a Lot

When riders come off their motorcycle in unwanted situations even when riding at slow speeds, the abrasive road surface can cause quite a lot of scrapes, scuffs, and abrasion. This is why pro motorcycle jackets are always made from thick leather materials.

Also, the thickness needs to be just right. The rider needs to be able to move the arms around freely. Thicker and denser leather materials tend to keep the rider the safest during falls.

Make sure to get a jacket that is thick enough to handle road abrasion. Thicker jackets will keep you safer even in the unfortunate instances of coming off the bike. However, make sure there is still enough movement available when wearing it.

Special Abrasion Resistant Inner Lining and Leather Coating

In addition to thicker leather materials, the inner lining needs to be made from special materials as well. Modern technology has given rise to special fabrics that are highly abrasion resistant. Also, there are special coatings available for the leather that increase abrasion resistance as well.

Sliding on naked roads can occur when you least expect it. This is also why it is always necessary to ride with care and always follow speed limits. Also, riding on the streets in the wet is never a good idea.

However, when you get abrasion-resistant leather motorcycle jackets that have specialized lining and coating, the risk of injury will reduce. Yet, high-speed crashes will always cause major injuries.

Temperature Insulation and Water Proofing

The weather in the UK is very unpredictable. Riders can head out in the sun and yet it can rain the next hour. Winters get particularly cold and windy in the country as well. So, you need leather motorcycle jackets that have the ability to keep you warm and dry in all situations.

Property filling and sealed riding jackets will do the job well. Also, their zippers need to be completely waterproof as well. Motorcycle riding jackets should not let any water in at all. Also, the neck lining should be able to keep the water out as well.

Leather jackets are naturally temperature insulative. However, you need an insulating inner lining as well to keep the body warm during the winter.

Compromise on Comfort Not on Safety

When buying the safest motorcycle jacket, you should always be willing to compromise on comfort and not on safety. Pro motorcycle jackets are never made with comfort in mind. These will feel stiff and movement will be limited while wearing one.

However, there should be the required movement possible while wearing your motorcycle jacket. Aside from that, riders should not expect much comfort.

The thicker materials and heavier profiles make safety leather motorcycle jackets not very comfortable. However, their main purpose should be keeping you safe in all situations. So, compromise on comfort but never on safety.

Perfect Fit Is Necessary for Protection

Another very important feature for safety motorcycle jackets is fitting. These need to fit your body quite precisely. Without being too tight on the body, safety jackets need to be very close to the body at all sides. Better they fit you, more safety they will provide.

Body hugging jackets don’t move around when you come off the bike. Also, they don’t let in wind or water as well. This makes them keep you warm during a ride as well.

This is why it is important to buy the right size. If possible, give it a wear first and try out the fitting. Only buy a jacket that fits well. It will keep you safer as well.

Make Sure the Leather Motorcycle Jacket Has Protective Padding

Protective padding is the most important feature for a motorcycle rider jacket. Your jacket needs to have high-quality protective padding to keep you safe in unwanted situations. It will make the jacket heavier and stiffer. However, it is something that your safety jacket should never miss out on.

Impacts on high speeds can cause big damage. Protective padding is the reason MotoGP riders are able to stand up even after crashing at 200 kmph. Your jacket should have padding where required.

Also, protective padding should be provided at the most critical places. Your elbows, shoulders, chest, and backbone regions should be protected with padding. Some jackets have removable padding. Take it out when not riding. Put it back in when riding. Best of both worlds.

Bottom Line

The safest motorcycle jacket is the one that can keep you safe while on the bike at all times. There is no protection when riding a motorcycle. Make sure to buy the safest motorcycle jacket that has the padding where required and fits your body snugly to keep you warm and safe.

Be prepared to compromise on its aesthetics and comfort. Never compromise on safety when it comes to motorcycle riding jackets. It can be the difference between sustaining an injury and walking out of a crash unharmed. Be sure to do your research and buy the right motorcycle jacket.


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