How to Select Perfect Leather Fashion Accessories Any Day?

How to Select Perfect Leather Fashion Accessories Any Day?

Do you wear a lot of leather jackets, tops and even pants? If you do, you’d surely want some of the best leather fashion accessories too. In fact, leather accessories are often used by people not wearing leather jackets and coats as well. Accessories add meaning to your dress up. These can not only be used to match with your dressing but also to accent it perfectly.

However, selecting the best fashion accessories is very important. On a day or evening out, you want to be looking attractive. When done right, leather accessories like belts, wristbands, caps and more can completely change the way you look. Vintage Leather sells some of the best leather fashion accessories. Read below to find the perfect match for you:

Start with a Proper Fashionable Leather Belt

Leather belts are awesome. They can look great on their own. Couple one with your favourite jeans and it will light up your look. However, selecting the right type of leather for your belt isn’t the only factor. It also needs to have an attractive buckle and the right size as well. Leather belts today are available in many different designs, styles, colours and finishes.

Belts made from other materials usually don’t last as long. They don’t look fine as a leather belt as well. Over time, a genuine leather belt will age gracefully as well. Select its colour and overall style rightly. Different jeans, shirts and other elements in your dress up need specific belts to look good. The fact is that you cannot go wrong with a leather belt.

Match Colour of Your Leather Accessories and Possibly Accent with Them

There are two different ways of accessorizing yourself when it comes to dress up. For your leather fashion accessories, you can either match the colour or accent it. Matching is pretty easy. You can just get the same colour belt, cap or shoes to that of your jacket. It works very well most of the times. You cannot go wrong with keeping a single colour for everything leather you wear.

The other option is to accent your dress up with those leather accessories. So, if you are using a black leather jacket with a black jean, accent it with a lighter colour set of accessories. Use something like brown, blue, red or even white. Accenting is pretty interesting. You can highlight your choice in different colours with your accessories. Make sure it looks attractive when done.

No Faux Leather Please – It Is Just Dumb

Faux leather is just dumb in our opinion. If you cannot afford real leather, then maybe go for faux leather. But, if you can buy it, always buy real leather. Faux leather doesn’t look nearly as attractive. No matter how much the seller claims it looks like the real stuff, it doesn’t. People who use leather apparel often, will be able to tell the difference easily.

Even in your leather belts, caps or shoes, go with the genuine stuff. It just has a different vibe and feel to it. The natural grainy finish cannot be achieved with faux leather. Anything in faux leather looks almost too plain and texture less. So, if you prefer the real leather texture, always go with the genuine material. Pay the difference and feel it on you.

A Leather Wristband to Match with the Rest

Wristbands are simply awesome. We like them very much. Unless you are wearing a pretty expensive watch, wristbands are always appreciated. Also, if you use an expensive watch, nothing stopping you from using a leather wristband on the other hand. It can match in colour or perfectly accent your dressing colourway attractively.

Wristbands are available in many different leather materials, colour choices and styles. Do not go too big with your wristband. Keep it simple and elegant. Choose something that goes with the rest of your apparel. Find ways of accenting the colour or matching it with your wristband. Either way, it will make you look a lot more handsome.

Possibly Customize Your Regular Jacket with a Leather Pocket Square

Are you someone who likes customizing your things? If you do, that good looking coat or jacket can be your next assignment. Try getting yourself a matching colour leather patch to the colour of your belt, shoes or cap. Remove the pocket square of your jacket and replace with the leather one. Make sure to cut the leather pocket square in perfectly matching size.

This is something accenting the colour with leather fashion accessories will not work. You can accent your jacket with the colour of your leather accessories. However, these leather pocket squares should match with your belt, shoes or cap. It will look great. You will not know what you are missing out on if you don’t try this one.

Go with a Stylish Leather Cap – It Comes in All Colours and Styles

Leather caps are trendy and very stylish. Best of all is that these are available in all colours, styles and finishes. Leather caps are warm too. They will maintain the temperature of your head in winter as well. Genuine leather caps look awesome and are very long lasting. These are sure fashion statements making the wearer look great.

Both males and females can use leather fashion accessories like caps. These provide a great aesthetic with any dress up idea. Especially, if you are going with a leather coat or jacket, caps on top can create a whole new dimension. They will look great and grab attention for you.

Leather Gloves Make Any Dress Up Awesome

In colder parts of the world like the UK, gloves are awesome while heading out. There are motorcycle leather gloves and fashion leather gloves as well. For your leather fashion accessories, gloves can do a world of good. These not only make you look good but will also keep your hands warm.

There are not many gloves warmer than leather ones. Vintage Leather has a wide range of custom leather gloves and many other accessories. Take a look at our wide range of accessories and you will surely find something perfect for any dress you wear. All our accessories are made from real genuine leather and are available at affordable prices.


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