How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather - Caring for Your Leather Jackets

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather - Caring for Your Leather Jackets

So, tired of having to wear that wrinkled leather jacket? So many people have asked us how to get wrinkles out of leather! Of course, leather jackets are expensive garments. These are also long-lasting fabrics that can look good for years. The good old tradition of fathers and grandads passing their top leather jackets down the generations is going strong.

What can you do to get wrinkles out of leather jacket? Getting a new jacket isn’t always the preferred option. Also, these are loved garments that people love to hold on to. There are many different causes of excessive leather jacket wrinkling. Some smaller wrinkles are always expected on real leather jackets as well. Also, most wrinkles can be removed with home techniques.

Top Causes of Leather Jackets Wrinkles

First, you need to understand what gets so many wrinkles on your beloved leather jacket. Also, many people actually like their leather jackets well aged. Patina is a different thing and smaller wrinkles are different as well. What we are talking about is large fold type wrinkles that get on your leather jackets every season you take it out. Here are some most notable causes of wrinkling:

Storing Improperly

Worried about how to get wrinkles out of leather? First, make sure to store your leather jackets properly. Improper storage of leather jackets can cause long-term wrinkles. This happens when they are hanged in an overcrowded wardrobe. Or, you throw it away in a box only to take it out the next season with so much weight over it. Hang it properly in a wardrobe or closet where there is sufficient space and air flow.

Wearing Wrong Fit of Leather Jacket

Quite often, people end up getting the wrong size and fit of their leather jacket. This can be a cause of getting excessive wrinkles on it. When you jacket is too tight, it will get stretched causing wrinkles and other damage. If it is too lose, all that excessive material will get pressed between the creases to get wrinkled up. So, make sure to get the right size and fit.

Severe Overuse of the Jacket

Love your leather jacket so much that taking it off isn’t the option? Trust us, this love can make the jacket go bad really quickly. One thing you will definitely get is wrinkles. Damaged to the leather fabric is another risk of overusing it. So, wear it with pride but also give it some rest. Mix your leather jacket with other garments of choice. Store it properly when not in use to make it last longest.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather – 5 Easy Ways

Natural aging and casual usage of a leather jacket can also cause wrinkles on it. So, how to remove leather jacket wrinkles if you do get some on it? We have five of the easiest ways to get wrinkles out of leather jacket. Read below to find out more:

Place Heavy Flat Objects on That Leather Jacket

One of the best ways to get wrinkles out of leather is to place some heavy flat objects on it. What you want is to press the leather down without ironing it. Books, dictionaries and yellow pages work really well. If you have something bigger, it will work as well. A funny little cheat code on how to get wrinkles out of leather is to place it under the mattress. However, make sure everywhere it goes and whatever goes on it is super clean and flat.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Leather Other Than Ironing the Garment

Ironing is the best remedy for un-wrinkling garments right! However, ironing a leather jacket isn’t like ironing other garments. If you can turn the leather jacket inside out, iron the inside of it. However, make sure to read the fabric label.

Another great way of ironing a leather jacket is to place a towel on it. Use the indirect method. Let that heat get through the towel first and then onto the iron. Start with low heat setting and move up very carefully without burning or damaging the fabric or the towel. Try on an inconspicuous area first.

Try That Pulling Method or Get Your Chubby Friend to Wear It

O yes, that pulling method. Still wondering about how to get wrinkles out of leather? Try pulling the fabric. This actually works for all leather garments and fabrics. However, make sure to pull with the right intensity. You don’t want too much power to tear the garment. Pull on small pieces at a time. Don’t pull the entire thing at once. Some joints can easily come off. Pull on smaller pieces and work on it all.

Use a Leather Jacket Steamer

Ironing can many times mar the fabric in bad ways. Consider removing wrinkles with garment steamer instead. Get a decent brand garment steamer and run it at low temperature. Apply an even coat of steam from a small distance away. It will relax the wrinkles fairly quickly.

Now, pulling on the steamed piece softly will mostly remove the wrinkle. So, this is how to get wrinkles out of leather. If you don’t have a steamer, this can be done in the bathroom as well. Fill that tub with hot water and let steam collect. Wear the jacket and relax in the bathroom for a few minutes.

Good Old Alcohol Spray to Remove Leather Wrinkles

Natural leather wrinkles are to be expected on real leather jackets. To remove these kinds of wrinkles, you have a good option available.

  • Mix equal quantity of water and alcohol in a spray bottle.
  • Lightly spray the jacket all over on the leather side.
  • Let the solution sit on the leather for a few minutes.
  • Smooth out wrinkles with your hand.

However, alcohol is known to dry out leather fairly quickly as well. Follow up by conditioning with a commercial leather conditioner. Otherwise, it will start feeling fairly dry and rough quickly.

Final Words

Caring for your leather jacket makes it last long. When looking for how to get wrinkles out of leather, be sure to give these options listed above a try. Store the jacket properly. Pull on the wrinkled areas softly to remove them. Use an indirect ironing method or a garment steamer to remove leather jacket wrinkles. Place the jacket under heavy flat objects to remove wrinkles as well. Make it last long by keeping your leather jacket wrinkle free for the longest time.


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