Fancy Leather Jacket Decoration Ideas You Didn’t Know About

Fancy Leather Jacket Decoration Ideas You Didn’t Know About

Leather jackets are expensive garments for their owners. These are not only good for cold winter days but also good motorbike day companions. However, many people actually want to make their leather jackets more personal and customized. Also, in many cases, different types of damages to the leather garment can require some innovative fixes. These can be in the shape of decorations.

People who love personalizing their stuff have an obligation of sorts to do it on everything they own. Jackets are big garments that allow a great amount of surface area for customizations. From stickers to fancy patches and everything in between, possibilities are potentially endless. So, if you are not familiar with these, here are few of the best leather jacket decoration or personalization ideas:

Put That Fancy Patch to Cover Up Tears

Leather jackets are durable and very long-lasting indeed. It is not uncommon to see parents or even grandparents pass their leather garments to younger generations. However, it is also easy to get an unwanted tear in one. Any sharp object contact can bring about a tear. Any type of a tear completely destroys the look and feel of your expensive jacket.

So, the best way to get around this is to decorate leather jacket with a fancy patch. There are patches available in matching or contrasting leather colours and textures. Make your jacket whole again by using patch work of the highest quality. Do make sure to stich the patch from the inside with perfectly matching thread. Make it low profile or go full accent. Your choice.

Use of Embroidery on Leather Garments

Not many people realize this but you can get embroidery on leather as well. In fact, when done right, it can look better than many other fabrics. However, this might not be something you can do at home. Commercial embroidery machines with thick needles will be required to pierce the thick fabric.

So, get a personalized embroidery on your leather jacket. This can add that bit of variety to the garment. Also, you can go really personal and have any tattoo-like embroidery designs on that jacket. It is considered to be one of the highest forms of leather jacket decorations. When done right, your garment will surely stand out from the rest in any group.

Dye It to a New Colour

Usually, people who wear their jackets mostly outdoors, get them faded in colour after few years. However, this doesn’t have to be the end of that fine fabric. It can still be dyed up pretty easily. In fact, dying can bring a whole new life to your fancy jacket. You can get it dyed in the same colour as it was or go completely different on it.

Leather is one of the easier fabrics to dye. The process might be difficult but the end result is very sustained and long-lasting. Try out a few colour combinations to get one that you really like. It will make your want to wear and use that jacket again.

Paint It in Fancy Ways

Painting your leather jacket is a fancy way of personalizing it. However, keep in mind, it will not let it look what it used to at all after done. You can apply different types of paints to a leather garment as well. Spray paint is one option and then wet brush paint is another.

If you are an artist at heart, a paint and brush method will suffice. There is so much you can do when it comes to painting a leather jacket. However, know that it is not a very common practice. If standing out is you thing, this will get it done in bulk for sure.

Add Those Cool Studs to It

Using studs on jackets has been going on for ages. There are so many different types, designs and sizes of studs for leather garments available. Chrome, gold, silver or black studs add a great dimension to your boring leather jackets. These are readily available as well.

The best part is that studs are not restricted to one place on the jacket alone. People have used studs all over the jacket for it to look amazing. Patterns in stud formations, spikes to go with them and any other types of standout features are available for fancy choices.

Biker or Other Famous Stickers/Decals

There are so many different types of jacket stickers and decals available. When you go to a motorcycle shop, they will offer stickers of different kind. If you have a stain that doesn’t seem to go away or a slight tear in that jacket, these logos or any other stickers and decals might be the best way to go.

Most stickers or decals can be pasted on the jacket instantly. Some might require a bit of heating up with an iron or anything else. Get ones with good adhesive strength that will last a long time without coming off at all.

Take the Sleeves Off and Neat Up

If you are good with cutting skills, they can be used to redesign your jackets. Decorate leather jacket by reinventing it completely. Cut its arms off to make it a sleeveless type. This will turn your old jacket into something completely new offering more versatility and application.

However, you will need to neat up where you have cut. Fold the bit extending out of the shoulder inward and sew off to make it look natural. This new sleeveless leather jacket is also an option if you accidently stained or even burnt any of the arms on it.

Why It Matters?

So, why go through this at all? The answer is in that fancy customization preference. Vintage Leather has some of the best quality jackets available for motorcycle riders and fashion requirements. Have a look and you will find something personal enough for your taste. If required, try out any one of these fancy customization methods to decorate leather jacket as required.

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