Answering Top Frequently Asked Questions About Suede Leather Jackets

Answering Top Frequently Asked Questions About Suede Leather Jackets

Yes! We get a lot of questions about your favourite suede leather jackets. These are not only great to look at but are also some of the most comfortable leather garments available. However, many people have many doubts about these. Of course, the suede material isn’t as old as the regular leather. Its origins might be connected to a mistake or whatever, there is no denying about its awesome look. So, here are the top FAQs that we just can’t stop getting about suede leather jackets:

Is Suede Leather Real Leather?

Because suede leather doesn’t feel like regular leather, many people doubt its originality. In fact, many people don’t even know that it is actually real leather. Suede jackets are made from real animal leather. There are some faux leather variations available as well. But, when you buy genuine leather ones from Vintage Leather, you will get real leather. Cowhide or sheepskin materials that are tanned, processed and used for making suede jackets are awesome. Real suede leather isn’t synthetic material of any kind. It is in fact real genuine animal skin.

Shall I Get Regular Leather Jackets or Suede Leather Jackets?

This is a personal preference matter. However, we do get this question a lot. Also, if you prefer the shiny or matt regular leather feel, you will always be good with that. However, if you like the soft, napped finish of suede, it cannot be replicated by regular leather. Suede has a fuzzy texture to it. This special texture and feel are what distinguish suede leather from regular one. Touch both and you will know.

Are Suede Leather Jackets Useable All Year?

That depends on the climate and wearing conditions. Motorcycle riders can get both regular and suede leather jackets with protective inserts. Also, if you can wear regular leather jackets all year, you can also wear suede. Suede is a graceful material. Often, more attractive than regular leather. It goes exceptionally well with faded jeans. So, to answer the questions, yes, suede can be worn all year. You will look stylish while doing it.

Are Suede Leather and Split Leather Same?

Contrary to popular belief, suede and split leathers aren’t the same. Split leather is made by removing the top grain. The top grain is separated from the leather material to form split leather. On the other hand, suede leather may include split leather but it is not necessarily the same. It consists of the split leather that is then given its napped surface during production process. If not processed for this napped surface, it will just be called simple split leather.

Is Suede Leather Soft from the Inside as It Is from the Outside?

As a whole, all leather jackets are soft when made from genuine leathers. Additionally, suede leather jackets are particularly softer in their materials. This form of leather will be thinner than regular leather and will have its characteristic napped texture. These properties combined make suede leather garments softer than most other leathers too. However, on the inside, there might be additional layering involved. Inner softness will depend on the thickness and type of inner layering materials.

Are Suede Leather Jackets Only Available in One Colour?

Not at all. Some decades ago, suede leathers were associated with their tanned colour only. However, that changed quickly as the material became more popular. Today, you have suede leather jackets available in the largest variety of colours and styles. From light brown to dark brown, grey to dark black, maroon to tan and almost everything in between. You will have options to choose from. When they are made from real leathers, they can be dyed into any colour needed.

Are Suede Leather Jackets More Comfortable Than Regular Leather Tops?

Absolutely. Since these have thinner leather layers, they will be more comfortable. Also, since the material is processed to be softer, it gains more comfortability for the wearer. Smoothness of the surface texture makes it feel more comfortable as well. Also, there are options for motorcycle suede leather jackets as well. These will have what you need for safety and all year wearing as well. Additionally, suede leather garments weigh lesser than regular leather ones too. This is another factor that adds to the comfortability.

Does Suede Leather Cut Easily?

It doesn’t cut easily. However, it may cut easier than regular leather jackets since the material surface is softer and thinner. When it comes to strength and durability, regular leather comes out on top. However, it will be heavier and harder as well. For people looking for super-softy leather jackets, suede ones will be more suitable.

Is Suede Leather Jackets Cleaning Easy?

Suede leather is very easy to clean. Like any other leather material, you can maintain it very easily. Regular leather is somewhat easier to clean than suede leather jackets because of its polished surface. However, for suede leather, you can get all kinds of stains off it very easily as well. Some suede jackets aren’t machine wash friendly. Read the label on cleaning tips and go ahead to buy yours with confidence. These garments last much longer than many other materials.

Does Suede Leather Lose Its Finish Over Time?

Like any leather, suede leather also very durable and long lasting. It does age as well. With the passage of time and wearing frequency, the surface texture can smooth out ever so slightly. However, with high quality suede leather jackets, this wearing out is very slow. All leather jackets including suede age gracefully. You will be able to keep using your suede jacket for a long period of time. Care for it, clean it, don’t hang it wet and love it. Your suede jacket will keep looking good on you for a long time.

Bottom Line

Vintage Leather sells high-quality suede leather jackets in the UK. Our genuine leather materials are available in a large variety of colours and finishes. Also, we have suede jackets in many different trendy designs, styles and finishes. We also have motorcycle suede jackets and regular wear jackets as well. Call us today or get in touch here to find out more.

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