6 Features Your Leather Motorcycle Jacket Must Have

6 Features Your Leather Motorcycle Jacket Must Have

Leather jackets are bikers’ best friends. Or so the saying goes. Truth of the matter is that bikers love their leather motorcycle jacket garments. These not only make the rider look cool but also keep them warm (literally). There are many other expectations from jackets when motorcyclists buy them. Surprisingly, the earliest modern leather jackets got introduced for airplane pilots.

However, you will not be surprised to know that most motorcycle riders love their leather jackets. These are trendy and also offer many other specific benefits that are just not available with other garments. Strength of the material is at the core of its motorcycle riding preference. So, here are some features any good quality leather jacket for riders cannot be without:

1: That Customary Leather Motorcycle Jacket Look

There is something different about a leather jacket when a motorcycle rider wears one. Other materials like jeans and few others offer their own take. However, the charm and stunning looks you get from leather rider jackets, cannot be replicated by anything else.

Leather jackets complete many motorcycle riders. All major riding communities prefer these magnificent jackets. There are different types of leathers as well. You have calf leather, cowhide and then sheepskin riding jackets. Different materials come with different price tags.

From those fancy pocket designs to availability in different colours, leather jackets for bikers are great. They have looked great and will continue to look good for decades to come. Complete the look with Vintage Leather motorcycle jackets range. We have unique designs and finishes for all preferences.

2: Protective Padding for the Rider

The other necessity for motorcycle riders is body protection. They have helmet for the face and head. You need something strong for the body too. The best motorcycle leather jacket will have the necessary protective padding in it for the rider.

Some riding jackets have removable padding or shields as well. Most vulnerable parts of the body are the chest, the shoulders, elbows and the back. When buying your riding jacket, make sure it has hard padding in those places to keep you safe in case of falls.

Jackets with protective layering and padding can still look handsome too. These kinds of garments are available for men and women riders. Make the right choice and keep yourself protected at all times. These jackets inspire self-confidence for riding too.

3: Motorcycle Leather Jacket Must be Warm for Winters

Winters here in the UK are quite harsh. Some days can be quite chilly and not very suitable for motorcycle riding. However, when you have a warm enough leather jacket, it can be quite helpful. Invest in leather pants as well to keep your legs warm as well.

Genuine leather is real animal skin. Whether you get sheepskin jackets or cowhide, they will naturally be quite warm. Also, the inner lining matters a great deal as well. This is why some riders have different winter riding jackets and summer riding jackets.

Winter riding jackets can sometimes be quite heavy and chunky too. However, if they keep the body warm during coldest of days and nights, all that weight is justified. Thicker lining also makes them more protective against falls and scrapes too.

4: It Should be Soft and Comfortable for All Day Wearing

Usually, when out riding, you don’t keep extra jackets to change when getting off the motorcycle. This is why your motorcycle leather jacket must be all day wearing optimized. It can only do that if it is both soft and comfortable for the wearer.

Sheepskin jackets are usually the softest. Calfskin jackets can be quite soft and comfortable as well. Regular cowhide will be the hardest material but can be maintained to be soft too. However, you need soft comfortable leather jackets for them to be all day wearing specialized.

Softness and comfortability also depend on the weight and inner lining as well. It is the correct balance of warmth, weight and comfortability you need to find. So, give your leather jacket some time to adjust to your body shape as well. After some time of usage, it should become more usable.

5: Real Leather Motorcycle Jacket Should be Easy to Maintain

All leather jackets should be easy to maintain. Genuine leather is water resistant and doesn’t get damaged easily by elements. These jackets are also known to age quite gracefully as well. If you care for it right, your motorcycle leather jacket should get that patina quite well too.

Also, these should be easy to maintain as well. Finished surface of a leather jacket should be resistant to stains as well. Even if you do get stains, most should be able to be removed with a wet cloth only. Spray it with clear water or a leather cleaner and swipe with clean damp cloth for newness.

Additionally, even the toughest leather jackets can get cuts and scrapes. However, these should be easy to get rid of too. When you buy from Vintage Leather, your riding jackets will last long and will be easy to maintain. Clean it and don’t hang it wet for it to last many years of regular usage.

6: No Compromises on Size and Fitting at All

The way your leather jacket fits to the body, plays a vital role in its aesthetic. Usually, sheepskin leather motorcycle jacket contours your body best. This is because of the customary softness of the material. Regular cowhide jackets that are quite fat and heavy, will have their own shape.

Also, they should fit your body well as well. Get your leather jacket too tight and it will not let your body breath. Tight jackets will not let your move the arms or turn the body easily as well. It is important to get custom fittings for your leather jackets when required for motorcycle riding.

Once you get your leather jacket, it often cannot be easily amended in size. So, it is important to get the correct size in the first place. Be sure to check out our wide range of motorcycle jackets. Vintage Leather provides many different custom sizes and fittings with our leading products.


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